Remote Control: How to Get Productive Teamwork from Distributed Project Teams

Discover how to get distributed resources to work together as an effective team by creating a means to share, collaborate and communicate in a timely and inclusive manner Remote Control Cover thumbnail We understand that managing distributed teams is difficult, causing projects to fall behind schedule and soar over budget. This ebook contains best practices that we have used over and over again to help managers effectively and successfully manage even the most far flung resources. If you manage distributed teams, this ebook is a must-read. You will learn how to:
  • Synchronize the right work, at the right times, regardless of distance
  • Impose a common deadline on disparate teams
  • Make realistic risk assessments
  • Synchronize the right work, at right times, regardless of distance
  • Strategies so more of your most sacred resource, management attention, is shifted from firefighting to strategic considerations
  • Base promises on an enterprise-wide understanding of capacity despite capacity assessments being compounded by different understandings of capacity, resource schedules, work policies, time zones and local agendas