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On Time Project Delivery or Better

Your business revolves around project schedules and its success hinges on getting your projects completed and delivered on time or even under time.  Of course, project schedules aren’t written in stone, are they?

There are always things to be learned along the way.  These lessons often result in scope changes, increased efforts and even adding resources.  Because as you well know – project schedules may be flexible, but delivery dates aren’t.

As if this weren’t enough, there are those unexpected events that threaten the entire project’s schedule.  It’s also important to begin new work and maintain a chain of projects – so how does that effect each project’s delivery?

VISUM’s unique approach is to automatically and actively monitor each project’s work flow and keep you and your team up to date.  VISUM gives you the power to stay ahead of the scheduling tidal wave in two ways: vigilant monitoring of projects that are in progress versus your delivery commitments.  VISUM also forecasts how effective you’ll be – and what you need to do – to deliver new work on time as well.

Each work package is automatically tracked and scheduled in order to meet planned delivery dates.  Should any project task take longer than you planned, you’ll get an alert. If things get too far off track, a new delivery date is automatically calculated.

VISUM lets you buffer your project completion dates – to build in extra time in order to compensate for the unknowns and unavoidable delays.  That way you can deal with them early on and your customer will never have to wait for your deliverables.

Your ability to manage work remaining versus buffer time remaining gives you an objective view of your schedules and on time delivery risk over the entire life of each project.

VISUM’s active monitoring gives you the added advantage to be able to deal with delivery risk before it becomes a problem.  Should the risk factor rise too high, you’ll be able to mobilize the team’s efforts to guarantee your on time project delivery.

The VISUM visual project scheduling software is your company’s ever-faithful and ever-vigilant watchdog that accelerates your work flow and provides your team with unprecedented on time project delivery power.

Visualize projects – The entire picture at a glance

A picture is worth a thousand words, and Viewpoint VISUM PPM software gives you the most accurate visual in one simple intuitive display.

projects-at-a-glance-3Work package cards

Each work package is represented by its own card.  You arrange and organize your cards to clearly demonstrate progress and measurable deliverables for a client or internal project sponsors.

VISUM opens the bottlenecks

Using the visual card display, VISUM automatically displays clusters of work packages to illustrate any bottlenecks that may occur in each project as well as your overall project portfolio.  See the big picture or get a detailed view through this simple yet powerful project management software.

Drill down to the details

VISUM program management software displays gaps in your work flow that may indicate starving resources that you can put to better use.  On the other hand, you may also have an excess of capacity that needs to be trimmed down or re-allocated.

What kinds of projects can be visually displayed?

Just about any type of project, from a single person job to a large multi-asset and even multi-locational project can be instantly and accurately displayed with VISUM program management software.  Such project examples include:

  • Team management
  • Engineering project
  • Construction
  • IT projects
  • Software development
  • Marketing project
  • architectural project
  • Job shop scheduling
  • Strategic business initiatives

Visually manage and track work

The entire thrust of VISUM is to automatically perform important project management tasks and to enhance your ability to guarantee on time project delivery or better.  With visual board functionality and an intuitive user dashboard, VISUM improves:

  • Cycle time
  • Throughput
  • Work Priority
  • Current work blockages
  • Project portfolio progress

See VISUM Visual Project Management Software in Action at the VISUM Website.