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Pinnacle Strategies is an International Productivity Improvement Firm
Helping Organizations Translate Operational Improvements into Business Value.

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Intentions are good, but what matters are results. Often, there is a gap between intention and results and that gap shows up in delays, cost overruns, waste, inconsistency, customer complaints, and more. High-quality, fast-paced execution is no longer an option—it’s essential. The marketplace is too competitive. There will always be a better, faster, cheaper way of doing things.

  • Maximize Productivity
  • Deliver more customer value
  • Boost Throughput
  • Improve team collaboration
  • Reduce project durations
  • Recover troubled projects
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What We Do

  • Projects on Time
  • Project success, including on time delivery, is found in effective execution. We collaborate with your team, building on the skills and process that are present, to build a project delivery system to drive on time, on budget results.

    • The ViewPoint Visual Project Management Methodology
    • Project Process Consulting
    • Project Management Workshops and Training
    • Project Management Office (PMO)
    • Project Support

  • Troubled Projects Recovered
  • We don’t just transform project management practices, we apply them. We bring an objective, practical approach to recovering your project. We work to collaborate with your team to develop your team while accelerating your progress. We use a tested, proven approach to get things back on track.

    Our process is fairly straightforward, it has two objectives: stop losing time, then start recovering time:
    1. Get control of the execution process and eliminate the delivery uncertainty
    2. Identify the leverage points in the project
    3. Create a performance management structure to provide reliable feedback of project status (including risk) to all stakeholders.
    4. Delivering weekly analysis and reports to major stakeholders along with recommended tactics and strategies to increase velocity and reduce risk
    5. Reduce task durations at the leverage points

  • Increase Throughput
  • We are frequently called upon to use our unique process improvement skills to boost output when capital is scarce. The RABIT process, a product of years of practical experience in improving project management processes, consistently produces dramatic increases in process output and productivity. So much so that we can confidently promise 20% more output in two months.

    RABIT stands for Rapid Analysis and Bottleneck Improvement Team. It is the tool you need when you must improve throughput fast. A unique approach that has been proven in environments ranging from make to stock manufacturing, to software development, to engineering. In fact, every RABIT we have conducted has reached or exceeded the goals of our client.

  • Improve Productivity
  • Each project we undertake is designed to drive value to your bottom line, not just cost savings. We don’t emphasize a program, we deliver results. Fast.

    Our model for process productivity improvement, TLS (Theory of Constraints, Lean, Six Sigma), is the strategic use of the tools of the Theory of Constraints, Lean Manufacturing, and Six Sigma. It’s not a set of tools, although we use tools, any more than a set of screwdrivers is a design for a toaster. We use the tools to create results, just like we use screwdrivers to build toasters. But even that is the means to the end; toasted bread.

    • Lead Time reduction to increase your sales
    • Cost reduction to improve your competitive position
    • Process improvement to deliver on time and make you the reliable supplier of choice
    • Productivity improvement to reduce costs or boost output wherever they’re needed
    • Quality improvement to make your products more attractive and sell more

    What Our Customers Say

    • "We cut almost 50% out of the cycle time of that tree assembly and we managed to hold onto that gain and continue to improve. That was impressive and we did it in just a matter of weeks.” Bob Houlgrave

    • “The first major success was in bringing the design documentation ... from a start time of 240 days to 110 days. These results in cycle time were accomplished in 6-7 weeks. Overall, the RABIT process brought structure, methodology and KPIs for long term success.”   Rune Thoresen

    • “The RABIT process took a stoppage in production and got it moving to its maximum capacity... It took just two-and-a-half months to see major results and success.” Fredrik Glette

    • “We are not dealing with the silly challenges any more of not knowing how to work together and how to collaborate, but now we are focusing on real business challenges.”
      Lauren Wilson

    • “For the first time everybody has a global understanding of how all those projects come together and [it] moves us towards the strategic goals that we have for the organization.” Glenn Clingenpeel

    • “With a little bit of refinement and working together, we have been able to come up with a solution that really fits well with what our needs are.“
      Clint Wood

    • “You understand where the problems are and what needs to be done to move, I think that is a big big advantage.”
      Chandra Subramaniam

    • “Within the first week of doing the meeting most of the team realized that it was easy effort, it increased communication, visibility, and they were looking forward to getting these things done.”
      Frank Ragan

    • “By doing that [VPB] we have maximized the amount of time we have spend getting things done instead of waiting for things to happen by themselves.”
      Frank Ragan

    • “We have so many new people coming in all the time, we have so much work going on, it makes it really easy to onboard them to see what they are supposed to be doing to progress the project and look right at it.”
      Don Taylor

    • “Everybody is pretty positive about it, we enjoy the meetings, have a little fun and it has given us a chance to see what everyone is doing.”
      Don Taylor

    • “It is actually making us come into a room and stare at each other every day, and because of that it’s given us more accountability within our own team.”
      Carrie Knight

    • “Things are becoming more repeatable, more predictable, which is everything you want.” Jay Newberg

    • “Before, we were doing subjective [project] prioritization, and now we have a tool [VISUM] that helps us understand [project risks] base upon promised delivery dates.”
      Jay Newberg

    • “We can slowly see the team gaining confidence, gaining happiness and job satisfaction, feeling less burnt out.” Jay Newberg

    • “My staff meetings have gone from an hour and a half to at most, a half an hour a week." Howard Slobodin

    • “Pinnacle helped me greatly in maximising productivity”
      Howard Slobodin

    • “The process delivers consistently using the same behaviors and procedures.”
      Patricia Cleveland

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