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Stop Living in the Past & Move Your Project Team Forward


Do you feel like you and your project team has a good grasp of what’s coming towards you?  Or are you the beneficiary of “surprises” and last minute problems that put your project in peril?

We find that the biggest problem that project teams face is that they are simply unable to clearly see where they are in the project and what they need to do to move ahead.  Sometimes, running a project feels like running full speed into a dark room!

We’re all aware of this “blindness”, so we have meetings.  Lots of them.

But what happens in these meetings?  It doesn’t seem like there are many flashlights to show the way forward, but there are plenty of reports about the journey towards the room.

Mostly, we see other things happening in project meetings: status updates, defending turf, defending original commitments, giving reasons why things haven’t worked out – a laundry list of missed expectations.  Projects executed looking through the rear-view mirror.

This video offers a possible solution – a light!

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