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Engineering Team Saves $11mm in 6 Months with ViewPoint Visual Project Management


WorleyParsons and BP
Transform Brownfield Engineering Project Management and Save $11 Million

In just six months, the team increased their project throughput by 24%, tripling the number of ready-to-construct oil platform projects. Project lead times dropped from 18 months to 13. As project cycle times declined, efficiency increased, leading to more than $11 million in annualized savings.

Time spent in meetings plummeted from as much as several hours a day to as little as ten minutes a week, boosting morale. Overall, the resulting process improvements and systemic coordination led to a 12% increase in efficiency and improved quality of life for engineers and their managers.

“When we come to meetings at the Board, we typically spend about 10 minutes—total—if not less. Morale is way up.” — Project Manager

“When teams from different disciplines come in and see the same thing on the Visual Portfolio Board, you understand immediately what needs to be done. This is a big, big advantage.” — Vice President and Project Manager


Pinnacle Strategies worked with the team to reorganize their operating superstructure in three key areas:

Integrate culture and procedures

Hub engineering teams were aligned with common objectives to encourage collaboration across multiple and separate resource departments. Together, they explored “what if” opportunities for improved processes and defined more effective on-shore buffers.

Coordinate communications and collaboration

Pinnacle consultants implemented a Visual Portfolio Board (on the wall and online) that made it easier for engineers to assemble, monitor and manage work packages as they made progress.

Control task updates

Team members clarified their roles and responsibilities, identified and then reduced  blockages, and prioritized tasks for better project performance.


Watch the video and listen as they tell the story.

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