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Multitasking is Evil; The Number One Killer of Project Productivity


Is multitasking a good thing? Most think that multitasking is a good skill to have; chewing gum and walking, reading and breathing, texting and driving (but you don’t do that, do you?).

Even though we think multitasking is good, research shows just the opposite. Research shows that dividing attention across multiple activities is taxing on the brain and often comes at the expense of real productivity. As much as a 40% loss. And it can also increase stress for the people multitasking, making your employees frustrated and stressed while at work. To do tasks that are complicated, you are either going to have to slow down or you are going to start making mistakes, causing each task to take longer.

Watch the video to learn more about the “evils” of multitasking and what you can do to stop your resources (and you!) from multitasking.

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