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The Power of Visualization in Projects


Is your team having a hard time agreeing on the project or work status?

Are you discovering workflow problems late in the game?

Finding it difficult to identify what are the most important issues to focus on?

What about communication among team members?

The core problem in projects is the project teams can’t see where they are and they can’t see clearly what to do – the team lacks a shared understanding.

With the lack of visibility into the process, they don’t know where the problems are, where to focus, what to prioritize, whether or not your team’s projects are on time or not.  This creates all kinds of problems. People work on the wrong things and get blindsided. Finding the place to focus is difficult and teams have difficulty communicating.

In order to create a mutual awareness and alignment of action, make what is meaningful visible. Increasing visibility within a team highlights critical information in ways that simply can’t be ignored.

This video will give you some tips on visualizing your project or workflow so you can see easily and quickly where things are and what you need to do.

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