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Projects in Less Time: A Synopsis of Critical Chain

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Anyone who has ever managed a business project or been involved in one knows how difficult it is to finish on time. Multiply that one project by two or three or six, and you have a management nightmare. but it doesn’t have to be that way. Not with the greatest innovation in business in forty years: Critical Chain Project Management. Based on the Theory of Constraints (ToC), a revolutionary methodology created by Eliyahu M. Goldratt in his book Critical Chain, this way of doing business makes lagging productivity a thing of the past.

In Projects in Less Time, leading ToC expert Mark J. Woeppel provides an overview and synopsis of Goldratt’s breakthrough book in clear, easy-to-understand prose. His incisive observations, interpretations, graphs and case studies, are all guaranteed to enhance your understanding and improve your business.

Why do all projects fail to meet expectations? What is the effect-cause-effect method and why should you make it your business to use it? With Woeppel’s help, you’ll discover that to go fast, you have to go slow; when best to start a task and how to focus on it, and you’ll find real solutions to business problems and planning. Knowledge is always power, and with Projects in Less Time: A Synopsis of Critical Chain, it will never be just “business as usual.”

You’ll not only gain a meaningful appreciation for the ideas behind CCPM, but also clearly see  implications for your projects.

“If you are in a hurry and want to understand the essence of Critical Chain this is the book to read. There aren’t many wasted words but the important TOC concepts are covered and even expanded upon in this synopsis of Goldratt’s Critical Chain. It would be well worth any project manager’s time to read this short (125 pages) book”

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Projects in Less Time:: A Synopsis of Critical Chain


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