Innovative Solutions to Improve Productivity

We recognize that there is a pressing need for business leaders to provide superior return for shareholders by increasing revenue, reducing costs and making the most out of their assets. To help respond to this demand, we have developed a proven approach to the Productivity challenge.

In mature markets, productivity improvements are critical to maintaining a competitive position. In emerging markets they provide a platform for sustainable growth. Each industry and company experiences different market pressures. We recognize this and bring the right expertise to help solve your individual, complex situation.

Our pioneering strategies, derived from some of the most renowned management methodologies, such as Lean, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM), help organizations to bridge the gap between intention and results—yielding optimized execution that reduces costs, increases throughput, and releases hidden capacity.

Backed by our ViewPoint Methodology and TLS Methodology, our solutions include three areas of specialization:

The business outcomes you can realize are:

  • Improved long term, sustainable profitability
  • Greater visibility of value drivers and understanding how to measure and manage them
  • Increased capital performance
  • Improved shareholder outcomes

Explore each of our service areas to learn more about how Pinnacle Strategies can improve your business performance through better collaboration among teams, streamlined workflows, and enhanced performance management.