Breaking Bottlenecks

You’ve got more than you can handle and you’re turning away customers. A happy problem to have, except that refusing business today creates opportunities for your competitors tomorrow.  On the other hand, operating at full capacity is appealing; you’ll be maximizing your return on investment and generating big profits.  However, those profits today may be earned at the risk those you can earn tomorrow.

The output (and productivity) of any system is determined by the constraint or bottleneck. How much that bottleneck produces is a function of management and process. To break those bottlenecks and reclaim lost production capacity, lean manufacturing techniques are often used.  However, Lean is not enough. A recent study showed that only 2% of companies implementing lean techniques fully achieve their objectives and less than a quarter (24%) achieve significant results.

You don't have to compromise. You can have your cake and eat it, too. Simultaneously maintain high throughput with the resources you already have, while improving service levels.

Rather than use just one tool, we employ the right tools and approaches that fit your needs and situation. We can find and deliver that extra capacity in a matter of weeks.

Our focused approach to Breaking Bottlenecks delivers results fast.

  • Increased productivity without capital investment
  • Dramatic increases in process output and productivity
  • Process reengineering
  • Line design and optimization
  • Buffer strategies to maximize productivity
  • Deliver reliably with less inventory
  • Scheduling strategies to improve synchronization and coordination

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