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Driving Successful Projects with Skillful Execution

If your organization is like many, you have made significant investments in project management planning, training, and control. A recent survey found that more than 70 percent of organizations have invested in a PMO. In the last 20 years, there has been a 1,350 percent increase in the number of Project Management Professionals (PMPs).

But where are the results? In reality, these investments have made little to no difference in improving schedule and budget performance. For example, more than 30 percent of capital projects are over budget and late. Other types of projects fare no better.

The cause of poor results is an over-emphasis on project specification and control while ignoring the principles and practices that drive effective execution. Significant leverage in project delivery results is found by creating a culture of delivery excellence by using a proven execution model and framework.

The ViewPoint Methodology: Transforming the Project Execution System

The ViewPoint visual project management methodology, combines best practices in project management: PMBOK®, Agile, Lean, and Theory of Constraints. It focuses on the core principles that drive on time and on budget project completions.

Our consultants use, teach, and collaborate with you to use the ViewPoint Methodology, to transform your project delivery process in four different aspects:

  • Productivity
  • Duration
  • On Time Delivery
  • Budget

Project Process Consulting

Our primary mission is to transform your project delivery process. Our team delivers best practices to your team through:

Project Management Workshops and Training

  • Process Analysis
  • Maturity Benchmarking
  • Skills Assessments
  • Establishing Project Management Offices (PMOs) and Centers of Excellence
  • Change Management

Project Management Office

Use our consulting team to drive superior execution results. We will step in and run your project or portfolio, using and modeling best practices

Project Rescue and Recovery

We work with your team to recover late projects at both the organizational and individual project levels, depending on your needs. We provide troubled project assessments, project recovery & turnaround, and performance Improvement support to help you quickly turn troubled projects around. Visit our Project Rescue page to learn more about our project rescue and recovery services.

Supplier Management

We help project organizations integrate the subcontractors and suppliers that play a critical part in successfully executing your projects. Placing the the success of your project in an outside partner’s ability to hit delivery dates creates needless risk. By applying the Viewpoint Project Execution Maturity Model, we build trust aligning goals across organizations, assessing and managing schedule risk, improving collaboration to effectively control the delivery process.

Project Support

Pinnacle Strategies’ project management experts can provide ongoing support for your mission-critical project initiatives. Using proven best practices, our trusted professionals maintain focus to achieve your desired business results, delivery success on complex projects, effectively managing strategic initiatives. The results are immediate productivity gains in the short-term and greater efficiency for long-term strategic impact. Visit our project support page to learn more.

The Path Forward to Project Execution Maturity and Improvement

See our latest research and insight to learn more about the benefits of the ViewPoint Methodology or take our assessment to benchmark your organization’s execution behaviors and practices.

Explore our wide array of project management workshops and training and contact us today to discuss the right solutions for your organization