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The consequences of failed projects can be grim. According to recent research, nearly half of any organization's projects are at risk at any given time, no matter the size of the organization. Meeting schedule requirements is the most significant and oft cited problem. Furthermore, according to the researchers, less than a quarter of organizations have a standardized approach to respond when projects are in trouble. With so much at stake, early action is critical to avoiding the substantial losses associated with troubled projects and project failures.

Common Symptoms of Troubled Projects

  • Critical issues in meeting milestones or completing deliverables
  • High risk of not delivering anticipated project outcomes
  • Resources are not fully allocated to the project
  • The project is consistently behind schedule
  • Critical and/or significantly growing technical issues with the project

We help you address project recovery at both the organizational and individual project levels, depending on your needs. We provide three distinct services to help your organization turn troubled projects around quickly.

Troubled Project Identification

For the organization, we help you and your PMO implement a standard Project Review & Recovery Process to monitor your portfolio of programs and projects and identify candidates for review and possible intervention.

Project Recovery & Turnaround

At the project level, our project turnaround experts work with you to develop and implement a recovery plan, then quickly determine how to best proceed with the project. We can then lead and/or coach your project team throughout the entire recovery process.

Performance Improvement: Institutionalizing Lessons Learned

As a project concludes, the valuable lessons learned may not be captured and are rarely acted upon. Over the long term, these lessons learned could have a significant positive impact on the outcomes of future projects if they are fed back into the organization's standard processes. Pinnacle Strategies helps you establish and maintain the processes for capturing, evaluating, and institutionalizing lessons learned that will improve performance across all projects.

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