The Goal Movie


unicoLike the outstanding and best-selling business book upon which it is based, The Goal Movie (on DVD) shares the inspiring story of Alex Rogo, who used principles like bottlenecks, throughput, and the theory of constraints to transform his mediocre division into a money-making machine. Alex and his team reject common ‘nonsense’ measurements and discover a commonsense, yet more effective approach to boosting the company’s bottom line.

The importance and benefits of focusing on the activities that are constraints are clearly described with several examples in The Goal. One example from the book is the one in which Alex takes his son and a group of Boy Scouts out on a hiking expedition. Here Alex faces a constraint in the form of the slowest boy, Herbie. Alex gets to apply two of the principles of the theory of constraints.

Alex’s friend Jonah teaches him about “dependent events” (events in which the output of one event influences the input to another event) and “statistical fluctuations” (common cause variations in output quantity or quality). Alex comes to the realization that in a chain of dependent processes, statistical fluctuations can occur at any step. These result in delays between the process steps that accumulate and become amplified throughout the system, leading to a significant decline in the output of the system.

If you’re wanting to introduce the concepts of the theory of constraints and drum buffer rope, this is a painless way to get the ball rolling. Featuring options for on-demand viewing or as part of your permanent training library, The Goal Movie is certain to be an important part of your change management strategy.

The Goal Movie: The How To Version

Originally a feature-length movie, the video, called the “How-to Version”, has been distilled to the most important points (46 minutes) and features a very direct approach to “this is how you do it”.
Key Training Points:

  • How to identify and eliminate system bottlenecks
  • How to measure the viability of new ideas
  • How to rally your team behind the improvement process
  • How to revisit the entire process to facilitate ongoing improvement


  • DVD
  • Leader’s Guide
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Quiz
Length: 46 minutes
  • on DVD, Online Course
  • English, Spanish, Portuguese

The Goal Movie: Dramatic Version

The complete movie, comes with leader’s guide and motivation how to book, “Motivation in the Workplace, Inspiring Your Employees”

Length: 52 minutes (linear no chapters)
Format: on DVD
Languages: English only
Full Dramatic Version How To Version
DVD Purchase
USD $895.00

DVD Purchase
USD $875.00

DVD Rental USD
$295.00/7 days

DVD Rental USD
$295.00/7 days

Online Course
USD $79.00/Seat